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Recs and FANMIX

If any of you who still bother to read my livejournal anymore, and have more than a passing interest in Portal, stop what you are doing right now, and read my writing partner's fic, Blue SkyYou will not regret it.

And, in honour of her fic of amazing, here's some


It's meant to be something to listen to while you read, to make the fic more immersive, so it's broken roughly into three parts to help you sort out where you can listen to what. Orrrr you could shuffle them as you like, it's really up to you. :3

EDIT: For those of you who have downloaded the fanmix already (THANK YOU SO MUCH, YOU GUYS), SURPISE! I pulled another fantastic flailing stunt and added more BONUS CONTENT. (ie K was an OCD nitpicker and went through every folder again, damn him. If I nitpick this again, someone please hand E the rifle.)


MORE FINAL EDITS AS OF 11/11/11: If you have any songs to suggest that put you in mind of Blue Sky, please leave them in the comments here, or reblog this tumblr post, and I’ll compile a SPECIAL EDITION fan fanmix- a separate disc full of music that you guys get to choose. Come on, it'll be fun! :D

(In case you're curious about the week-long delay, my computer ate the word document with the meticulous tracklist I'd collected. I spent a week sitting on what songs I'd already scraped together, chewing my fingernails over what I could do about it, then decided to hell with putting a rec-name next to every song (oh god so cluttered already WHAT WAS I THINKING) and arranged the songs as best I could. If I lost some of your songs, it's either due to this spanner in the works, or that you gave me 7 or 8 songs instead of 5. ENDLESS SORRIES.)

BONUS TRACK, for Ellie.

The Frog Song! With Rupert. A little British gem of the 1980s, from this short below. I recommend watching it, when you have a moment, because the animation and backgrounds of the meadows makes me flail my arms a little.

If anyone has any difficulty with any of the tracks working properly, please tell me, and i'll fix it.

For those interested in my podfics, er. I'm working on finishing the second one, and hope to have it up sometime- maybe next week, maybe the week after. I've been pretty busy illustrating for E's fic, and writing when I haven't been illustrating, which has been taking up most of my time and energy.
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